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Quote from a 2011 Attendee

IMASH was really excellent this past week! Carole Roth from the Naval Medical Center in San Diego was such a good presenter -- great information I can directly apply to some of my patients.  Also had fun catching up with colleagues around the state and region.


Coming together to form




Welcome to the IMASH Convention

IMASH is continuing in 2017 in Boise Idaho

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History of IMASH

There is a saying that bad things happen in threes, but a joint endeavor by the Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming state speech-language-hearing associations proves good things happen in threes as well.  Over two years of planning made the Intermountain Area Speech Hearing (IMASH) convention a resounding success for both speech-language pathologists and audiologists who attended.


IMASH was held March 9 – 12, 2005 in Ogden, Utah.  The idea for the joint convention grew out of a discussion held at Convention for State Association Presidents (CSAP), when members of the three state boards met to discuss the challenges of organizing conventions for these sparsely populated Rocky Mountain States.  The idea to hold a joint convention was born and matured over the next few months.  The boards and committee chairs from the three states met for two joint meetings, however most of the planning was accomplished via email, websites, and telephone calls. 


Early in the planning process the decision was made to hire Craven Management Associates to assist in convention planning.  Craven's experience was in planning state speech-language-hearing conventions, but the idea of a joint three-state convention was new for them as well. 


It was important to everyone involved in the planning that the convention appeal to both speech-language pathologists and audiologists.  To achieve this, the convention offered six concurrent ‘tracks’ with national and local speakers from Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, covering clinical and educational aspects of speech-language pathology and audiology.  ASHA, AAA and state education continuing education credits were offered.  This resulted in 492 audiologists and speech-language pathologists in attendance, which is more than double what occurs in these three small mountain states during a regular convention. 


Dr. Michael Ballam, critically acclaimed performer and educator, was the keynote speaker.  Dr. Ballam shared how music can soothe the soul and bridge the communication gap for clients with stroke and other neurological disorders.  Several course offerings were cross disciplinary in nature, with application to both disciplines. Among the presenters were Dr. Mark Krumm and Dr. John Ribera who discussed telehealth, Ms. Claudia Saad from ASHA who spoke on multicultural issues, Dr. David Lipscomb who dealt with the court system as an expert witness, Ms. Mary Koch, developer of the Bringing Sounds to Life cochlear implant habilitation program, and Dr. Ron Gillam who presented two sessions, one on auditory processing and a second on narrative language intervention.  The convention was deemed a success by both audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Based on the post-convention evaluations, 96% of the participants would like to see IMASH reconvene. One participant said “I’d definitely come to another IMASH.  It allows for a much larger variety of speakers and interaction between states.”


Financially, each state took an equal risk in the start up monies for the convention, and each shared equally in the convention revenues.  In addition to the great attendance from the three states, IMASH was well attended by vendors.  In all, there were 39 vendors (four times what each individual state is able to secure on their own) which ensured a vibrant and educational exhibit hall.  The vendors sponsored various events, including a live auction and college bowl, as well as separate state business luncheons.  Again, the vendors indicated the convention was a success for them and that they would participate in future, joint efforts. 


Many people contributed to the success of the IMASH convention.  A great group of student volunteers from the five universities in these three states were invaluable.  For several of them, this was the first convention they attended, and the competition during the college bowl was very lively.


The national speakers, the assistance of Craven Management Associates, LLC the cooperation of the three state boards, the enthusiasm of the vendors, and the positive responses from attendees also contributed to the overall success of IMASH.  The three states have agreed to begin planning for the next tri-state convention.

Photos Of Past IMASH Conventions
2008 Presidents (L to R):  Cindy Olsen – Idaho,
John Ribera – Utah, Cathy Ross – Wyoming
  2008 Idaho State team won the ‘spirit’ award at the College Bowl!1
2008 IMASH Presenter   2008 WY College Bowl Team
2011 Presenters and ASHA President Paul Rao   2011 WY College Bowl Team with ASHA President
Paul Rao



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